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Right in the streets of downtown Independence, Louisiana. The Sicilian Heritage Festival is one of the year's most celebrated.
Enjoy our warm family atmosphere with live music, good food, and entertainment in every corner! Dont miss out on fun events like the meatball toss, the spaghetti eating contest, and the Sicilian parade! The kids will love our fair rides and games. While the adults can enjoy our arts and craft booths in between all else we have to offer! 

From big to small, little to tall. We have a little bit of something everyone can enjoy! Come on out and experience our wonderful festival, from our family to yours!

Eleven years ago, in the late fall of 2008, a small group of citizens were called upon to preserve a tradition in Independence that date back to the early 70's - A festival that celebrates the unique Italian, and more specifically, Sicilian heritage of this beautiful old farming town next to the rail road tracks. It was no small order and there was very little time to pull this off, but the residents offspring of strong-willed immigrants banded together as only close-knit communities can do and pull it off they did!

Your backing, as the citizens of Independence, the surrounding communities in Tangipahoa Parish and beyond, had been awe-inspiring. It was your support that helped bring in the title of Best New Festival in 2012, motivated  untrained community members to demonstrate old world folk dances, gave us the opportunity to experience the flag throwers of Italy and has even inspired the creation of Sicilian language classes. Italian members of the local business community have been recognized for their contributions to our region and beautiful queens with Italian heritages have been crowned. Your support and enthusiasm has made all this possible and the organizers of this event cant possibly thank you enough. 

Because of you, the Independence Sicilian Heritage Festival has grown and flourished over these past 10 years and has become one of the best-in-show. With our unique venue in the streets of town, to the warm family atmosphere exhibited in events such as the meatball toss and spaghetti eating contest, you have helped create a truly unique experience for festival goers across Louisiana and beyond. You have brought pride to the ancestors and descendants of our town. With your continued support and investment, another 10, 20, even 50 years is well within reach.

We invite you, each and every one, regardless of nationality, to experience what it means to be a Sicilian-American for one weekend - especially on this special 11th Anniversary of the Indepedence Sicilian Heritage Festival. 

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