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Welcome to our festival! We appreciate your involvement as a vendor and recognize we couldn’t do this without you! It is our hope that you and your organization have a very successful and enjoyable weekend with us as we strive to provide you with the support necessary to do so.       

​​​Pay Booth Fee online:

  • Select the appropriate Booth Fee below. 

  • Add any additional items you are selling outside of the two that are included with the Booth Fee.

  • Send copy of application to email:

10 x 10 Non-profit Booth
10 x 20 Non-profit Booth
10 x 30 Non-profit Booth
10 x 10 For-profit Booth
10 x 20 For-profit Booth
10 x 30 For-profit Booth
1 Additional Item
2 Additional Items
3 Additional Items










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